History and Evolution of the Website and Show

The Pester Brat Report (formerly The Pester Brat Show) is a Talk Show named after the host's nickname Pester Brat. It was a spin-off from Pester Brat's 6 year old sister talk show Biblically Correct. The Pester Brat Report dealt with news items, politics, economics, constitutional issues, and other life issues from a biblical and Christian perspective. The show was in internet radio and video formats, was 45 minutes long, and contained the following regular or irregular recurring segments: Headline News You Can Use, It's Constitutional Watson, It's Economical Watson, Conspiracy Theory Corner, Playing Politics, Natural Alternative Health News, Survey Said, Notable Quotables, and Pester's Pet Peeves. Due to numerous factors in God's providence, Pester Brat has not produced new shows since the summer of 2013. He continues to seek the Lord's will about returning to television, radio or the internet, and asks for your prayers. Pester Brat also hosts "Take 5 Videos." These are very basic videos using his laptop's built in webcam and microphone that averages 5 minutes. Pester Brat Dot Com of course is the website, but also the media arm for the FCCP that includes all other information and Pester Brat's ministry to local churches about these issues.

Goals for the Future of The Pester Brat Dot Com

Pester Brat hopes to get churches and businesses to help him return to television and radio to be a willing voice to speak about the economic and constitutional dangers before people do not have money to support their church, and businesses so they can stay open. Some businesses and churches have to, as Yoda of Star Wars once said "unlearn what you have learned." If such businesses and churches continue to have a "business as usual" attitude and practice, they eventually will not have their businesses, or separate facilities to worship. So if you are a church, business, or individual, and would like to help, please contact Pester Brat via the information on the contact page and send your financial support to our office: Biblically Correct Ministries; 3258 Proctor Rd.; Wellsville, NY 14895. Please help me help us while we still have time, because we may not have much more time. Thank you!

The 5 Fold Purpose of Pester Brat Dot Com

1. To share news and sources that deal with issues pertaining to our failing economy and upholding of the constitution, because the main stream media usually won't or can't.

2. Since we do not know God's will yet, to encourage people to be more active by putting pressure on local, state, and federal elected officials in case that may be one of God's means to stop runaway spending, unconstitutional acts, and the possible demise of the USA as a major power and country as we now know it.

3. To encourage people to pray, plan, and prepare for what will happen sooner or later (and possibly sooner) should our country and world continue on the current path.

4. To warn people and the nation to repent of various nationally condoned and accepted sins that are welcoming continued and progressive judgment upon our country that will make #2 above futile if we do not.

5. To proclaim the gospel so that those who place repentant faith in the Person, Perfect Life, Sacrificial Death, and Bodily Resurrection of Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah will be ready for eternity due to these dangers, and because we're not guaranteed our next breath and heartbeat. 

Pester Brat is just a regular guy who cares about people, and this country. He has been a Christian since December 1986. With a very low budget he has hosted his previous show "Biblically Correct" on three local television stations in the Birmingham Alabama area, and on radio and television in the Boise Idaho area. Since it was such a small budget with no money for advertising, and trying to be a good steward of the Lord's ministry money, in 2011 he moved from local television to the internet. He has also been the guest host of "Faith and Reason" with Matt Slick, and hosted Biblically Correct on the radio and local cable public access station, in Boise and Mountain Home Idaho. Pester Brat is also the Founder & Director of the Fellowship of Concerned Constitutional Patriots.

Pester Brat has three grown daughters, and four grandchildren from his youngest daughter and son-in-law. Pester Brat was raised in Maryland, helped raise his family in southern Maryland, and was the pastor of churches in SE Florida, SW Idaho, and outside of Birmingham Alabama twice, from 11/97-3/17. He enjoys fellowshipping and ministering on the Internet and Facebook, and wants to alert people about being more proactive, and praying, planning, and preparing from a temporal and eternal perspective for a major economic collapse that is likely to come to the U.S.