Back in March 2011, I was told I had a non aggressive form of Prostate Cancer. The first doctor said I should make a decision within 3 months about whether to have radiation treatments, chemotherapy treatments, have my prostate frozen, or have it surgically removed. So I immediately took to that wonderful internet that ole Abe Lincoln invented ;-) and did a lot of research. 

I got a second opinion from another doctor and told him some of my findings. I also asked him if anyone had ever done any studies on how long it took for my kind of Cancer to spread. He said years ago John Hopkins University did a study that found my kind of non aggressive Prostate Cancer took 8 years to leave the Prostate and 13 years to spread to other organs if nothing at all was done (but I didn't do nothing). He also said that with the knowledge I had that I could do the "watch and wait" and that with me being in my early 50's at the time, I would likely die with the Prostate Cancer and not from it.

I have a small ministry or outreach so to speak called Deo Natura. Please go to my website ( for more information. I believe there are cancer cures already out there ranging from a special kind of Vitamin C- to certain uses of natural baking soda- to an old cough medicine we used to use that's no longer available in the United States- to an off script use of Naltrexone- to various antioxidants, and more. 

So whether it is for you or someone you know, I hope you'll check out my little website and do your own research. Doctors are not God and they are not in control of your treatment options- you are!