FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, doesn't it? Well, I don't know how frequent the following questions are asked. Some of them may have never been asked but are anticipated questions. Some others are based on various conversations that have taken place and comments that have been made, even though they may not have been direct questions to me. To summarize, the goal for this section is just to help people understand more about this outreach or ministry.

1. Who in the world are you? No one special, that's for sure. Some folks know my legal name, but I prefer not to reveal it here (it probably isn't hard to find out). My primary careers in order of years of service are: Dairy Manufacturing, pastoring a few small Churches, and Bank Teller. At the beginning of the Obama Administration while in between pastorates, I finally started paying more attention to the economy and constitution that eventually led to including such issues in an existing Christian Talk Show before changing the name and the whole show being about these issues, and the formation of the CCP (Concerned Constitutional Patriots). I have been on four different television stations in two markets and one radio station. "Pester Brat" is just a catchy media name that I started using for email years ago after some teenagers at one of my churches teasingly called me that.

2. Is Your CCP and Outreach Christian? I'm a Christian and this outreach has a Christian and biblical foundation to it. The main purpose of this outreach is to inform and warn all American citizens of the imminent major economic collapse that also includes the universal Church. The goal is to do this from a temporal perspective, but also from an eternal perspective. The name of the CCP started as the FCCCP (Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots, then got changed to the FCCP (Fellowship of Concerned Constitutional Patriots), then shortened it to the CCP. Pester Brat Dot Com is the Media Name for this outreach and website. 

3. Are you one of those "never-Trumpers?" Not in my opinion ;-). If I agree with President Trump, I'll support what he does. If I don't, I won't. Especially when it comes to the two main areas this outreach deals with: The Economy and Constitution. While President Trump is doing some good, like with jobs for example, he isn't dealing with the National Debt problem and has violated the Constitution a few times. He must be called out and held accountable like with any other President. 

4. Are you just a whacked out conspiracy theorist? Lol, whacked out maybe, but not a conspiracy theorist :-). Think about what those 2 words mean. It's something that may or may not be true. It's not a bad thing to consider conspiracy theories. Some of them have proven out to be true. The danger of an imminent major economic collapse is not a conspiracy theory. Some of the possible dangerous consequences are, but again, that means they may or may not happen. Don't we prepare for possible job loss, illness, retirement, and even death? Due to our country's national deficit and national debt, this is a real problem that people aren't thinking enough about even though some in the mainstream media are talking about it. Please pay attention!

5. What are your End Times beliefs, doesn't that affect your Outreach? No, it doesn't. Regardless of whether a Christian holds to a pre-tribulational, mid-tribulational, or post-tribulational rapture of the Church, a major economic collapse is imminent- it could happen at any time and bring with it serious and dangerous consequences like nothing that has every been experienced in our country. It would be foolish to be sure that the Lord would raise the dead in Christ first then rapture the Church before that happens. It's better to be considered a fool for preparing and it not happen than to be a considered a fool for not preparing it does happen. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and pray God's will to be done. My beliefs on End Times? I consider myself Pan-Tribulational and Pan-Millenial- that everything will "pan" out according to God's plan and good pleasure. 

6. Do you practice what you preach on here? It depends. I am no expert. I have done a lot of reading and research the last 10 years, but basically I'm a dissiminator of information. People are in different phases and situations in life. I experienced a setback myself the last 2-3 years that between that and the aforementioned, I haven't been able to do most of what is recommended by me and others. But I want to, and an imminent major economic collapse is no less a real possibility just because me and my family are not able to do everything mentioned. Please consider these things for you and your family, and our country.

7. Why are you asking for money, and so much? Because I believe there is a great need for it. As far as I know, no person, group or ministry is dealing with this potential danger like I am and from a Christian perspective. I have the conviction, desire, and resume' if you will, to take this to radio and television. But of course that comes with a cost, a great cost. Not only for air time, but so I can devote my energies to this full time and support my family, as well as advertising. I need to be able to do this without influence from various businesses, churches and groups- in other words, with no strings attached. I don't expect the average person to do much. I'm looking for huge donations from big businesses, leagues, agencies, celebrities, mega churches, and more. These possible sources just don't get that it should not be business as usual, because if there is a serious and major economic collapse, people won't be able to go to games and movies, give to the churches, buy the most if any of the services so many businesses offer. So many people either don't care, aren't thinking things through, or think we still have plenty of time. If you fit in one of the above categories for huge donations, please help. Or if you know why does and can reach them, please tell them about this outreach.