A clip from Pester Brat's former Talk Show "Biblically Correct" in 2010 titled "Pester Brat's Overly Simplified 12 Step Economic Recovery Plan" :^ ).

A short and sweet written version is below the video.

Pester Brat's Road to Recovery (Short and Sweet Version)

1. Proclaim and Believe the Gospel of Christ to Save Sinners Through His Sacrificial Death & Resurrection.

2. Churches Repenting of Sins Such as Abortion and Sex Outside the Bonds of Marriage Between One Man and One Woman.

3. Nation Repenting of Normalizing Sins Such as Abortion and Sex Outside of Marriage Between One Man & One Woman.

4. Reduce Government Spending By Eliminating the Deficit, Wasteful Spending, and "Pork" Spending.

5. Reduce the Size of Government, and Eliminate and Reduce Various Departments of the Federal Government.

6. Do Not Re-elect Most Federal, State, and Local Government Officials- Those Who Are Not Constitutionalists.

7. Deport Illegal Immigrants, Reform Immigration Policies, Strengthen the Borders.

8. Get Rid of Corporate and Business Taxes and Encourage and Pressure Companies To Manufacture in our Country.

9. Certain Businesses Stop Being Greedy and Accept Profit Levels That May Be Less Because You Are Providing Living Wages for U.S. Citizens, and Citizens Be Wiling To Pay For various and Certain Products Because We Are People In Our Country Are Being Paid Instead of People In Other Country Receiving Low Wages.

10. Get Rid of the IRS and Move To a Fair and Flat Tax.

11. Get Rid of the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve and Move To Alternative Currencies.

12. Get Back Into Physical Shape So We can Do the Various Hard Labor Jobs That Need to be Done.

13. Modify or Eliminate the Welfare System.

14. Eliminate Affirmative Action Policies While Retaining Equal Employment Opportunity Policies.

15. Married Women Stop Doing Full Time Career Minded Jobs So There'll Be More Jobs For Men.