Welcome to the info page for the Fellowship of Concerned Constitutional Patriots (FCCP). The FCCP is a non 501c3 Outreach of Founder and Director Pester Brat, serving millions of Citizens in the United STATES of America by informing, warning and educating about the imminent economic collapse, and how the various levels of government could handle it as it relates to the U.S. and State Constitutions.  Please check out the rest of this page below to learn more, and contact Pester Brat if you have questions or comments. Thank you. Let's hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and pray for God's will to be done!

Mission and Goals

1. To inform and warn American citizens of the various issues threatening our way of life in these United States both temporally/physically, and eternally/spiritually, from a biblical perspective.

2. To encourage the American citizens to get or stay involved with local, state, and federal representatives by voting at election time, contacting them, meeting with them, and conducting peaceful protests when necessary.

3. By communicating with our various state's representatives and senators, city councils, mayors, chiefs of police, and county commissioners and sheriffs, to see where they stand and what they will do to protect their citizens from possible martial law, mandatory evacuation to FEMA Centers, any other unconstitutional actions, and an international and national economical collapse.

4. To encourage American citizens to do what they can to stock up on water, food, items of necessity, and more, in case of a major economical collapse before the Lord returns.

5. To encourage and assist local assemblies and their servant-leaders to inform and educate their members of these things.

6. To pray as Founder and Director of the Fellowship and encourage individuals to pray for wisdom, compassion, boldness, changed hearts, and growth and success of this Fellowship.

7. To tell other people about this Fellowship by word of mouth, social media, and advertising as funds permit.

8. To have regular messages by the Founder & Director via Pester Brat Dot Com, andThe Pester Brat Report and/or Take 5 Videos to help accomplish the FCCP's mission.

Please check out our Blog to read articles by the Director and respond to them at www.pesterbratdotcom.blogspot.com

What Founder & Director Pester Brat Believes

1. That the Christian Bible alone is God's word.

2. That Jesus the Christ alone is God the Son and Savior for those who believe.

3. That the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, and that all American citizens, including and especially all elected officials at local, state, and federal levels, are to follow and obey the U.S. Constitution unless it contradicts the Bible, regardless of political party affiliation if any.

4. In the imminent collapse of the U.S. Economy due to the unsustainable national debt of over 21 Trillion Dollars (according to usdebtclock.org), and that if such a collapse happens before the Lord's return, there could be very serious consequences that our country has never known that includes mass job loss, hunger and death in God's providence.

5. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution as originally intended including the unrestricted right of all citizens to own and carry any and as many guns of their choosing without a permit (the Constitution is the permit).