Pester Brat Dot Com is the media arm and name for the Concerned Constitutional Patriots (please click on "The CCP" link in the menu bar above for more information). This website is being revamped. Some information has been removed and more will be added. Please check back from time to time.

The main purpose of this website and outreach is to inform, warn and encourage Citizens from a temporal and eternal perspective, to be politically proactive, pray, plan, and prepare for a major imminent economic collapse and possible unconstitutional actions that may accompany it and radically change our way of life, before the Lord returns. The dangers facing us cross racial, religious, denominational, and political party lines.

This is done through You Tube and Facebook, endeavoring to return to TV and/or Radio, email, snail-mail, and speaking at various group functions and events. 

If you are looking for the CCP Blog, you will find it at


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