Fifty food items to stockpile now: Health Ranger releases preparedness foods shopping list

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Shopping list items selected by the Health Ranger

Bar Harbor brand - Clam Chowder, Fish Chowder, Fish Stock, Whole Maine Cherrystone Clams - I'm really liking the Bay Harbor brand of clam chowder and fish chowder. Although not certified organic, this is the only chowder I've ever found that isn't salted to death. The quality of the chowder is excellent, the spices are completely natural, and they use no MSG or chemical garbage. Personally, I've stocked up on 48 cans of their clam chowder and 48 cans of their fish chowder, and this will be my backup supply of chowder in case the food supplies get disrupted.

Sensible Foods - CherryBerry Crunch Dried Fruit, Tropical Blend - Although not certified organic, this provides a long-term storable supply of fruit nutrients which are crucial if you're living in stressful times. Lots of natural vitamin C in these fruits, and the shelf life is at least 2 years.

Artisana - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - This is a very high quality brand of 100% Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. I like coconut oil as a preparedness item because it's a food, a topical healing substance, and it can even be used as a mechanical lubricant in a pinch.

Bob's Red Mill - Bountiful Black Bean Soup Mix - It's a great way to store a large quantity of "soup potential" in a small space. It's made of Black Beans, Black-Eyes Peas, Pearly Barley and Navy Beans. Add some coconut oil to the soup mix and you've got a healthy fat.

Bob's Red Mill - Vegi Soup Mix - I like this soup mix because it's delicious, easy to make and uses no MSG or other weird chemicals. Ingredients include Green Split Peas, Yellow Split Peas, Barley, Lentils and Vegetable Pasta (Containing Whole Wheat Flour, Dehydrated Spinach, Tomato, Celery, Onion, Beets, Garlic).

Bob's Red Mill - Organic Creamy Buckwheat Hot Cereal - A super healthy, high-protein cereal that's great for survival and preparedness. Better than oatmeal for this purpose.

Carrington Farms - Organic Milled Flax Paks - 100% Organic Cold Milled Micro Cleansed Flax Seed - I've found these to be outstanding portable packets of flax seeds, an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. Most flax packs are too large, and flax tends to go rancid very quickly, so these small packs are perfect for portable food storage. You can use these in oatmeal, smoothies, salads, bake mixes, and practically anywhere.

Coconut Secret - Raw Coconut Crystals - These are very handy as a natural sweetener. They contain far more minerals than processed white sugar, and in a collapse scenario, natural sweeteners will be a fantastic barter item.

Newman's Own - Raisins - Believe it or not, raisins are a fantastic form of portable nutrition and healthy calories. They should be part of any food preparedness shopping list.

3 Tray Stackable Sprout Garden - Perfect for sprouting, which is one of the most important methods for growing your own nutrition and having live foods during hard times. (Also be sure to acquire a good supply of sprouting seeds. I like alfalfa the best.)

Wild Planet Foods - Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil - A great source of omega-3 fatty acids from fish. Long shelf life, portable and easy to barter, too. More valuable than gold when people are starving...

Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt in Resealable Bag - Don't skimp on the salt! Salt will be hard to come by in a food supply collapse. You'll need more salt than you probably think, and salt stores for a long, long time as long as you keep it dry.

Sprout Baby Food - Beef & Vegetable Lasagna - Believe it or not, these "Sprout Baby Food" products are better than most storable foods. They're only lightly salted, so you'll need to add your own salt. The ingredients are mostly organic, and the small packs are very portable, easy to carry (even in your pockets), and easy to barter.

Essential Living Foods - Superfood Smoothie Mix - This is an excellent smoothie base, into which you can add fruits or other items. Ingredients are: Raw Hemp Seed Powder*, Brazil Nut Powder*, Mesquite Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, Raw Lucuma Powder*, Raw Goji Berry Powder*, Raw Acai Powder*, Raw Vanilla Bean Powder*. *Organic

Camu Camu Powder - An excellent, natural source of vitamin C. Very potent. Store this in the refrigerator or freezer, if possible.

Acai Powder - Powerful nutrients for sweetening any smoothie. Loaded with antioxidants and other phytonutrients. Store this in the refrigerator or freezer, if possible.

Recommended storable foods you can acquire at any grocery store

These items are very low cost, loaded with nutrients, and are easy to store:

• Sugar (not to eat, but to barter with. Never eat white processed sugar.) Buy coconut sugar if you can.
• Pepper (a basic spice, easy to store, easy to barter).
• Mustard (excellent nutrition, believe it or not. Made from mustard seeds.)
• Raisins (easy to store and barter)
• Lard (yeah, lard. On a cold winter's night when the heat is off, you'll wish you had some soup made with lard... and it's healthier than "vegetable oil" which is mostly GMO soybean oil anyway.)
• Butter
• Pickled vegetables (all kinds, including sauerkraut)
• Coffee (even if you don't drink it, you can barter it. People will be desperate.)
• Coffee filters (can also be used to help filter water, cooking oil and other items)
• Brown rice (large bags)
• Steel-cut oatmeal
• Local honey (stored practically forever)
• Sardines and anchovies packed in olive oil (excellent storable omega-3s)
• Sea salt (you almost can't have too much salt stored away...)
• Yet more sea salt
• And even MORE sea salt, because you will run out in a prolonged collapse scenario.
• Peanut butter (portable, high calories, which you'll need)
• Canned meats (long shelf life)
• Canned vegetables (you'll need the nutrients)
• Natural dried meats (AVOID all MSG!)
• Nuts and nut mixes (almonds, cashews, etc.)
• Cans of coconut milk or coconut fat (adds delicious flavor to any meal)
• Spare can openers, kitchen knife, small cutting board, etc.

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