While I haven't been so my whole life, for years now I have been a constitutionalist. I prefer using that term over "conservative" when identifying where I stand politically, and consider myself an independent when it come to political party affiliation. I follow and support the Constitution as far as I can unless it contradicts the Bible.  When it comes to elections, I vote for the most biblical and constitutional candidate running regardless of their party affiliation. Suffice it to say, that I find it's rarely if ever a Democrat, and also usually not a Republican although there are a few of them remaining. I believe we should follow the original intent of the Constitution and that it is not "evolving." Furthermore, I think we need to uphold the 2nd Amendment as originally intended, and protect it as much and long as we can, because if we lose that, the rest of them may follow. I also think the Convention of States movement to affirm and strengthen the Constitution is dangerous and could backfire, and that we just need to do what it takes to enforce the one that we have. Lastly, I believe we need to continue to and further promote the 10th Amendment which basically says that where the U.S. Constitution is silent, the rights belong to the Individual States and People. This includes the sadly not-so- well-known principle of State Nullification, where the Individual States have the right and duty to nullify unconstitutional laws by the Federal Government. And not by wasting tax-payer money in costly litigation. Rather, just don't do it. 

Look, we are not really a Democracy. We are not just a Republic. Technically, we are a Constitutional Republic. The U.S. Constitution is from the United "States" and is to restrain the Federal Government, not the citizens. We have let too much slide already including but not limited to various executive orders, property taxes and other regulations. We better pay attention and put the brakes on before it's too late if not already, including and perhaps especially if Martial Law and/or mandatory evacuation to various centers and camps is attempted by the Federal Government or Agencyin the event of a major economic collapse or EMP event. Thanks for reading!